Franghthi Cave

Franghthi cave is located on the north coast of the bay of Ermionida Valley in the prefecture of Argolida in the Peloponnese. It is one of the most important
Caves of Europe and certainly of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Gemini Caves

In this cave there is a small church that you can not miss. The reason for the impressive church of Agios Georgios. A small church literally built into the rocks. Inside the church of Agios Georgios there are inscriptions in Latin characters, a historical inscription that marks the passage of Thomas the Palaiologos, Hegemon of the Peloponnese as well as an old stone swimming pool.

enoikiazomena domatia ermioni



About 6 km northwest of Ermioni is the Katafiki gorge. According to mythology, the point was the entrance to Hades. Rocky landscape, caves, lush vegetation, a stone bridge and the small church of 1740 of Agios Nikolaos the New Martyr that is worth crossing.



It is a small paradise in the settlement, as it allows you to walk in the pines next to the sea. Besides, in the central plateau of the forest the visitor meets the stone foundations of the temple of Sophia Athena.

mpitsi ermioni
ermioni rooms


Kranidi Beekeeping

The museum is built according to the architecture of the old houses of Kranidi with stone and reeds on the roof and is fully harmonized with the natural landscape of the estate. All objects are preserved by the owner Mr. Kosmas Bairaktaris, as he has also curated the creation of glass hives, where they allow the visitor to watch closely the magical world of the bee. On the estate, there is also a cellar, where the cider vinegar is aged in oak barrels. The museum can be visited all year round, by telephone.


Historical Folklore Museum of Ermioni

It has been housed since 2000 in an old mansion (18th) and is located next to the Metropolitan Church of the Brigadiers. This building has great historical value as the proxies of the Greeks gathered here (January 10, 1827) to continue the work of the DG National Assembly, which had begun in Epidaurus but was interrupted due to the fall of Messolonghi (April 11, 1826).

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